5 Best Epilators for Women 2018: Reviews, Comparisons & Buying Guide

Epilators offer fantastic value for money and is an efficient, longer-lasting hair removal method that weakens body hair over time and repeated use. When you're looking for a top-rated epilator for woman, you need to look at which model is the most efficient at removing unwanted hair with the fewest number of passes (missing out hairs). It's also important to consider the features and attachments of each product, as well as the amount of tweezers, how loud it is and of course how painful it is.

I want to share with you some of my epilator reviews, and I hope that the comparisons and my buying guide will help you to make the right choice.

Comparison: What is the best epilator to buy in 2018?

Updated: November 13th 2019

PictureEpilatorPerfect for... 
Braun Silk Epil Female Se7921Spa 1 CountWet and Dry usePricing

Mini Review

Full Review
Philips HP6576 Satin Perfect Deluxe, White/ChampagneFull body incl. legs, face and eyebrowsPricing

Mini Review

Full Review
Panasonic ES-ED90-P Ladies Wet and DryUnderarms and sensitive skinPricing

Mini Review

Full Review
Braun Silk- Epil Xpressive Easy Start SE7681Brazilian, bikini area, pubic and other fine hairPricing

Mini Review

Full Review
Emjoi Soft Caress Epilator – 36 Gold Plated Hypoallergenic Tweezers (Corded)Beginners to epilating who don't mind a bit of pain, and those who are budget consciousPricing

Mini Review

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Epilator Reviews & Top Picks

Value for money is an essential consideration, and more features/attachments do not necessarily mean more quality. All epilation devices are a saving in the long run as compared to shaving and waxing (see Epilating vs Waxing vs Shaving – Which is the right option for you).

I also recently revealed the best depilatory cream, and while this method is much cheaper short term, the cost of buying new depilatory cream every month will soon add up.

Enough about all that, you want to find out which is better, that Braun your friend has, or one of those from Emjoi you saw in a magazine. Don't forget about the Remington Smooth and Silky range, or Panasonic's offerings. These manufacturers are considered by many to be the best epilator brands.

A good model epilating device can last you more than a decade, and works out to be the most affordable at home hair removal method. This article gives a breakdown of my top-rated picks of 2018.

Let's have a closer look at the 5 models in our epilator comparisons table above.

Best Wet and Dry Epilator (great choice for legs)

Braun is the best-selling epilator brand and is well known for its German-developed hair removal technology.

The Braun Silk Epil is the top model for women for a few good reasons, and its higher price is justified.


You can use it wet - in the shower or bath – as well as dry. It boasts close-grip technology and removes hair even as short as a grain of sand (0.5mm). It has a high frequency massage system which allows for more gentle epilation by actively stimulating your skin. The pivoting head complements the ergomic angle by smoothly adapting to your body contours, and makes it easy to hold.

The Smartlight feature allows for the most thorough hair removal as it literally shines a bright white light on even the finest hair. However, some reviewers have found that this is less functional with underarm hair removal because of the direction in which the light shines.

This device doubles as an exfoliator and therefore saves you time. Exfoliating is a vital part of your beauty care regime both before and after epilating, as it helps prevent painful ingrown hairs and helps create smooth glowing skin. The high density brush of the 7921 features 10,000 fine bristles that gently sweep away dead skin cells and help stimulate the regeneration of the skin.

Plus there is sonic exfoliation technology, which uses over 3,000 micro-vibrations per minute to exfoliate your skin with four times more effectiveness than a manual scrub alone. Braun says that it's 4 times more efficient than manual exfoliating, and a leading dermatologist comments that it achieves comparable results to a beauty salon.

It is very safe to use as it will not work while plugged in, preventing you from getting it wet while it is charging. However, it is not suitable for use on the face (click here for the top facial epilators). Still, if you want an epilating device and don't need all the extra attachments, this is the latest in the Braun line and has received great reviews from consumer reports.

Best epilator for the money

best-value-for-money-epilator-philips-hp6576-satin-perfect-deluxeThe Philips HP 6576 is a good value for money epilator for women which leaves your skin smooth for up to 4 weeks and can be used on both body and face. It has an extra wide head and offers an attachment for shaving, trimming and styling, for smooth, ultra close results.

It also has a washable epilation head for optimal hygiene. Its hypo-allergenic textured ceramic discs are able to catch and remove even the finest hairs, while the active hairlifter removes even flat-lying hairs.  You can stimulate and soothe your skin with the active massage system which also helps to guide the head to allow smoother more controlled actions.

It is energy efficient, providing up to 40 minutes of hair removal per charge and charging in an hour, so that you can use it on the go. Like the Braun Silk Epil Female Epilator Se7921 Spa 1C , you are able to catch even the finest hairs using an opti-light. It is powerful and offers two speed settings to offer you more control, four attachments and a pair of illuminating smart tweezers.

According to reviews for women’s epilators, you can expect a very smooth skin surface after using the HP 6576. It’s also user-friendly and safe. Other features are the locking feature so that you avoid accidentally turning it on when storing it, and the overload function which means you can prevent your skin being pinched because it senses when you’re pushing too hard or when the spinning part grabs skin.

Unlike the Braun model discussed above, you can use it while charging which is more convenient – but it does lack the waterproof and shower-safe feature of the Braun. It has a feminine, beautiful appearance. The two year warranty and 45 day return policy offer peace of mind particularly as it is slightly more expensive. However, reports differ on whether it is safe for use on facial as well as body hair.

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Best affordable epilator

best-affordable-epilator-panasonic-es-ed90-p-ladies-wet-and-dry-epilator-shaverThe Panasonic ES-ED90 is 100 % waterproof, and offers wet or dry cordless operation at a good price and several excellent features. It has a 60 degree angle head to provide a clean, close shave, plus 48 rotating tweezing discs to remove hair. If you have a sensitive skin, the shaver is ideal, with its nickel-free hypo-allergenic blade.

Its attachments include an epilation head and an epilation beginner cap – which if you use first, then follow up with the regular cap, allows for a less painful epilating experience. There is also an epilation gentle cap, pumice foot buffer attachment, shaver head, and bikini cap.

Both long and fine hairs are caught and the built-in led light, which reviewers report is excellent, makes shaving easier. Panasonic claim you can charge it up for 1 hour and then use it for 90 minutes, but some reviewers differ on this, saying it’s considerably less time.

Flexible angling of the dual heads allows for efficient fast epilating – faster than the Braun by some reports – and means you can reach non flat areas like behind the knees. The product has a beautiful design, fits well in the hands and is reported to be less painful than other models.

Though it is shower-safe and can be used wet as well as dry, one reviewer found that the result was less smooth when used in the shower. The underarm attachment has great reports and achieves smooth underarms without pinching, more so than the Emjoi (see no. 4 below). The noise of the Panasonic ES-ED90 is also less than the Emjoi.

Perfect for body and face

best-epilator-for-body-and-face-braun-silk-epil-xpressive-easy-start-body-face-rechargeable-se7681The Brain SE7681 is suitable for use in the bath and shower. It also removes hairs as fine as a grain of sand from the root, using 40 Close-grip tweezers, with the result of smooth skin for up to 4 weeks.

This epilator offers a Smartlight and 5 attachments including a shaver head, a trimmer cap, an efficiency cap, a sensitive area cap, and a facial cap, so that you can achieve superb results in all different areas of the body. The speed personalisation of this epilator allows you to select the right speed for your individual needs.

The Braun Silk-Epil SE7681 includes pre-epilation wipes to prepare your skin and make epilation more comfortable. Its 40 tweezers allow for thorough hair removal in both wet and dry environment. Reviewers have found it to be fast and efficient. On the downside, battery life issues have been reported as have increased hair in-growth and problems with removing facial hair. You will also need an adapter to use it outside Europe.

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Best Corded Epilator & Best Cheap Epilator

best-corded-epilator-emjoi-soft-caress-36-gold-plated-hypoallergenic-tweezers-cordedThe Emjoi Caress might be cheap, but it is a surprisingly good epilator for those new to this form of hair removal. It has 24 karat gold plated Hypoallergenic tweezers and 36 patented tweezer-discs to remove hair comfortably and quickly from the root. It removes bikini, underarm and leg hair as short as 0.5 mm and can also remove individual hair on the upper lip and chin. Its patented Pain Reduction Technology promises to reduce discomfort. It also offers Antimicrobial Protection against damaging bacteria.

The manufacturers promise smooth skin for up to 6 weeks. Like some of the other products in this article, this women’s hair removal device has a contoured design which hugs your curves. Soft touch grip fits comfortably in your hand. Extra features include massaging finger attachments, dual speed control and an adapter.

While it has some decent customer reviews, a few less favourable reviews indicate that although the Emjoi Soft Caress removes hair quickly, it does sometimes catch the skin which can be painful. There have been reports of stubble rapidly reappearing and that this unit may be less effective with thicker hair, although it works well with shorter hairs. Facial breakouts have been reported following use on the face. However other reviews indicate that the pain reduction technology is very effective, helped by the vibrating edges and massaging finger.

Wrapping up my search for the top rated epilator of 2018

I trust that you will now be able to throw away that razor that cuts your skin, or burns your legs. If not, perhaps you should check out these reasons to epilate. And if you are still on the fence, check out this guide which compares waxing versus epilating. That brings this to an end of my buying guide and best epilator reviews. We have reviewed the 5 best selling epilators for the money. You are bound to find good option for you in this list. If not, make sure to check out our other reviews in the sidebar of this site.