Best Electric Epilators According to Amazon Commenters

Best Electric Epilators According to Amazon Commenters

And first, taking a look at the best valued (and best-selling), we have a clear winner in terms of this type of beauty device, Braun, which sneaks into the top 10 of the best with almost 60% of the depilatory from this list:

Top rated: Braun Silk-épil 9 9-561

We open this compilation with the Braun Silk- Epil 9 model 9-561, an electric epilator with Wet & Dry technology (to be able to use it both in Wet and Dry), and six accessories shaving head and one head with the trimmer. Its top 40% wider than other epilators, promises to catch up to 4 times more hair.

After reading the good reviews, I decided on this model, and since my silk Epil had broken, I had to buy one. The model I had was very old, with cable, and it hurt, and this has nothing to do with it. It is super comfortable in that it does not have lines and goes on battery; it removes concise hair and hardly feels pain, leaving the skin soft and smooth. Waxing is faster, painless and it takes longer for hair to grow after I use it. I have not used the option under the shower because I have always shaved dry, and I do not see that option necessary either, but that option may be attractive for people who have the habit of shaving in the shower.

I have not recharged the battery yet, and for now, I have shaved my legs twice and my armpits three times. I am thrilled and I recommend it 100%

Braun Silk-épil 9 9-561 Cordless electric epilator with Wet & Dry technology, with six accessories including a head with trimmer and shaver, for women, White/bronze

The most economical: Braun Silképil 1 SE1370

According to the manufacturer, the most economical is this Braun Silképil 1 . A lifelong epilator with two interchangeable heads, a cable feeding system, and SoftLift tips, which lift embedded hair for more efficient epilation.

I am delighted with this epilator. It is the most basic in terms of accessories but no less effective. I have been waxing with this method for many years, and the last Silképil lasted for more than 15 years; that is why I have acquired another one like it. It is noisy for those who expect a silent utensil and cannot get wet, although I do not see it as a disadvantage since I prefer dry hair removal. In short, I recommend it for anyone looking for a fast and effective way to wax. Its continued use causes the hair to weaken over time, and less and less come out.

Braun Silképil 1 SE1370 — Corded Women’s Epilator with One Attachment, White / Pink

Also highly rated: Braun Silk-épil 7 7-561

Braun model number 7 (7-561) is a cordless epilator, which allows it to be used both in the shower and dry. It also has eight accessories (including a trimmer for the bikini line and different heads to adapt to small areas). It has an average rating of 4.5 stars among almost 100 buyers.

The box is in excellent condition, it is original, there are many accessories, and the trimmer for the bikini line can come in handy for an emergency. I have used it once, and the truth is that it does not jerk, and underwater it even reduces the pain. The only downside is that there are many accumulated hairs inside the head, and you have to clean it very well. I was between this and the silk-épil 9; in the end, I opted for this one since the difference between the two is only that the head of the 9 is wider.

Braun Silk-épil 7 7-561 — Electric epilator pack for women, cordless with 8 Extras, shaving head, and bikini trimmer, white/silver

The most complete: Braun Silk-épil 9 9/990 SkinSpa

One of the least economical, but thanks to the number of accessories and features they include is this Silképil 9, this time the 9/990 SkinSpa model and among other features includes SensoSmart technology, a guide to exert less pressure and get even more eliminated hair (compared to other Braun epilators).

In addition, the pack includes three deep massage and exfoliation body brushes to reduce ingrown hair and 13 more accessories (including a face cap, a cap for more significant contact with the skin, a razor, and a trimmer for sensitive areas).

I bought it on sale to renew my old machine; it works perfectly with the broader head, which I thought was silly, it takes much less time to wax my legs, and it hurts much less the finish is very good even with little beauty it works very well both in Dry as well as wet. However, I recommend using it dry because the hairs stick to the skin and there may be some left there, giving war a fantastic and essential product to have at home and its accessories are very useful.

Braun Silk-épil 9 9/990 SkinSpa — Women’s Epilator, Electric, with SensoSmart Technology with 13 Accessories, Exfoliation, Massage, Shaver, Trimmer

Also highly valued:

Braun Facespa Pro 912

The facial area is quite delicate and requires special care; that is why we need to invest in devices specifically designed for it, such as this Braun Facespa Pro 912. A 3-in-1 pack that, in addition to shaving the areas of the face that require it, includes a facial cleansing brush for sensitive skin and ahead to tone our face.

Perfect kit for facial care. It is the world’s first facial hair removal, toning, and cleansing device. The facial epilator is possible to obliterate hair, and it does not hurt at all. There is a slight tingling, but it is perfect for removing those hairs without leaving the irritated area, as sometimes with wax.

The cleansing facial brush is perfect for removing dirt and leaving skin flawless. It is painless, even for sensitive skin. I have sensitive skin, and it is ideal because it leaves my skin clean and without redness.

The last one is the Micro Vibration Toning Attachment is a blast. I use it to apply some treatments to my face, and it is perfect for giving a massage while you apply the products one by one. In addition, the head leaves your skin fresh. For me, it has been a discovery, and without a doubt, I do not regret having it in my hands. It has become an indispensable kit in my daily routine. A discovery!

Braun FacEspa Pro SE912 All-in-One Facial Epilator for Women, Including a Facial Epilator and Gentle Cleansing Brush, White / Bronze

Braun Silk-épil 5 5-511

Again we find another Braun in this compilation of the favorites by Amazon buyers, number 5 5-111. Suppose your budget is limited and you do not want to give up good results. In that case, this epilator promises a reduction of hair greater than with wax, And in addition, it includes a head for beginners that will help you make your first hair removal less painful.

Just great. At first, I did not show much hope for this product, especially when it comes to pain when waxing; however, even though it hurts (obviously, it pulls the hair out by the roots), it is not as much as I imagined. I recommend it.

Braun 5-511 Silk-épil Wet & Dry — Electric Epilator for Women, Cordless and Trimmer Head, White / Blue

Rowenta Skin Respect EP8060F0

Rowenta also sneaks into this list with one of its epilators, the Skin Respect, with skin respect technology, which promises an optimal glide across the skin, achieving less friction and irritation, the massage system, and the relaxation roller during epilation.

It does not have a cable for greater comfort and autonomy (up to 40 minutes), so it can be used in the bathtub and under the shower. Includes exfoliating head, shaving head, underarm accessory, bikini trimmer and accessory, cleansing brush and toiletry bag.

I have done several laser sessions, but unfortunately, I am still dissatisfied with the results. What happens is that my hair is lovely, and the laser can no longer remove all of them. Look for a Rowenta epilator because the previous one I used was from this brand. It worked very well for me and specifically this epilator, because it said that it is effective with short hair and for the convenience of using it in the shower. I wanted to share that I was not disappointed. It is perfect to use in the rain; it perfectly catches even the finest and shortest hair and does not damage my skin. Also, the exfoliation accessory has been a pleasant surprise, I had not realized that it came with this, and I love it.

Rowenta Skin Respect EP8060F0 — Cordless and Underwater Usable, 24 Tweezers with Scrub and Shaver Head, Underarm Attachment, Trimmer Head with Cleaning Brush and Toiletry Bag

Rowenta Silence Soft EP5660E0

Again among the most valued, we find Rowenta with the Silence Soft. This epilator boasts a 4-star average grade, Amazon’s Choice black label, and multiple heads, including a skin-prep scrub, a high-performance shaving head for delicate areas, and underarm attachment and bikini zone.

I hesitated a lot before deciding on this epilator. Honestly, I don’t have Rowenta as the wrong brand, but the opinions.

I have to say that some negative opinions are, for example, that it only works plugged into the current. In my case, it is what I am looking for. With less frequent use of the laser, I think it would end up spoiling if it was standing still. Nor am I going to use it anywhere else than in the bathroom. I also agree that in the light of day, those invisible hairs at home appear, but I do not take the epilator to the pool or the beach. For this, light is an invention. Love it.

Another critical point was the noise. If what you are looking for is that it does not make noise, I already tell you not to buy it. In my case, I had another one that is quite old but still works; it does a little less, but nothing exceptional.

My doubts between this and a simple Braun were because the Braun had many more positive comments. But this one, for the same price or even less, had various accessories. I agree that they are not usually used, but sometimes, this «once» thing made me opt for this one. The two supplements in the bikini line are either very clumsy or have poor utility. They hook in a wrong way; they get loose; if it stands out, it does not take such short hairs. Total that the «just in case» has not been a great success. Well, maybe sometimes, the razor. Who knows?

Finally, I have to say that perhaps it leaves the skin more reddish than expected, but the little use I have made of it has seemed to me that it waxes well. Valuing price and service, I opted for the four stars. If it had been a more expensive product, I would indeed have lowered my rating by paying for almost useless accessories.

Rowenta Silence Soft EP5660 — 2-speed epilator, 24 tweezers anti-pain system, Led front light, exfoliating, shaving, underarm, and bikini trimming head