My Braun 7181 Epilator Review

If you want smooth legs without shaving every day then an epilator might be right for you. With so many to choose from you can quickly get overwhelmed trying to decide what brand to get and with what accessories. I can help.

Braun is one of those companies that has been around since the stone age and they offer a huge variety of products, which explains why every device has such a long name. They have been in business for so long because they make high-quality products that work. The Braun 7181 Epilator is one such product.

The Budget Friendly Braun 7181 Silk Epil Wet and Dry Epilator

If you are new to epilation for personal grooming then here is some quick information to get you ready for a whole new personal grooming process. An epilator removes hair by pulling it out from the root. It’s a lot like waxing, but a whole lot less painful and more effective.

Versatile and Portable

The Braun 7181 Silk Epil Wet and Dry Epilator is the perfect first epilator because of its features, reliability, and wallet-friendly price. This is a very basic model epilator from the Braun line but it gets the job done. The best feature of this particular model is that it can be used wet or dry. This type of versatility and portability make it easy to take with you and use anywhere. You are not tethered to a wall outlet.

Two Speeds

The other feature the Braun 7181 Silk Epil Wet Dry offers that makes it the best buy is the two speeds you can use it at. If you are new to using an epilator I highly recommend the low speed until you get used to the sensation. However, when you kick it into high speed, it might be a bit more uncomfortable at first (and loud, but don’t be alarmed, that is normal) but it removes hair really fast, even the super short ones, in record time.

There are a lot of great features with this epilator even though it is Braun’s base model without some of the more expensive bells and whistles others have. With the Braun 7181 you get:

  • It can be used wet or dry – It’s handy to be able to take this into the shower with you because warm water helps lessen the discomfort of epilating when you are new to it and just makes it easier in general
  • 40 Close Grip Tweezers – the number of tweezers is proportional to how long it will take you to become hair free. 40 is ample to cover large areas of the legs and make the whole process go more quickly
  • Efficiency cap – this handy little design piece helps you get a good grip on even the shortest hairs because it helps you keep firm contact with your skin to grab even the shortest hairs
  • Smart Light – this ultra bright light helps you find and remove every little hair in any kind of light. It is especially helpful if you have light blonde hair which can be hard to see
  • Rechargeable/Cordless – This feature allows you to use it anywhere, even in the shower. It won’t work while it re-charging (a smart safety feature, electricity and water don’t mix) but charges to full power very quickly
  • 2 Speeds – This model lets you adjust the speed to fit your personal comfort level. Some more delicate areas of the body are best done on the lower speed
  • Massage – this makes the whole epilator experience more comfortable and helps the device get even the shortest hairs (as small as a grain of sand is what the company says)

Before you commit to any epilator it’s a good idea to read what other users are saying about it. I have found that the Braun 7181 reviews are consistently favorable. The chief complaints are that it is loud, that it’s not good for under your arms, and that their customer service is bad.

Well, it is loud, but not deafening and you get used to it. There are attachments for the bikini area and underarms but you have to order them separately. Honestly, it is just a matter of getting used to using it in the more delicate areas and with the lower speed.

I have never had a problem with my Braun 7181 so have never used their customer service. I have read about other users ordering from, and I have always loved the service I got from them.

The final verdict

There are certainly other epilator models from Braun and other companies, but the 7181 Silk-Epil Epilator is a really good buy for the money and beats the constant hassle of shaving every day or paying for waxes every week or so. Once you get used to using it and having smooth hair-free legs and other places for up to two weeks at a time, you will wonder how you ever got by without one.

Braun Series 7-7181 Silk Epil Wet & Dry Epilator 1 Count

Braun Series 7-7181 Silk Epil Wet & Dry Epilator 1 Count

Price Disclaimer

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Braun Silk-Epil Xpressive 7181
  • Effectiveness        
  • Easy to clean        
  • Comfort        


This device can be used wet or dry and comes with a built-in light to ensure you get every one of those fine hairs. A very effective device requiring fewer passes than some other models available. 4.5