My Braun 7921 Epilator Review

n my quest for a smooth and hairless body I have tried every hair removal product and device under the sun. Some companies just make better products than others and Braun is one of them.

The is the latest and greatest way to get rid of body hair and leave you with glowing skin and more free time.

If you are new to the term epilator, it just means removing the hair by plucking it out from the roots as opposed to shaving, which just cuts it off. Epilating is closer to waxing, but in my opinion, a lot less painful, and the results last a lot longer.

Waxing is extremely painful to me. The home wax kits don’t do a good job on a lot of areas of the body and there is a lot more preparation and clean-up involved.

Braun Silk Epil Female Epilator se 7921 Spa

Yes, the name is long, but the product makes “short” work of unwanted body hair.  It efficiently removes stubble from your underarms, bikini line, and entire leg.  I have read reviews from people who use it on their faces, too.  I don’t, only because I have no need to.

One of the best features of the Braun Silk Epil 7921 model is the firmness and density of the. It is especially important to exfoliate when you use an epilator to remove hair because it lessens the risk of ingrown hairs. Plus it leaves your skin soft and almost glowing when you are done.

There are a lot of great reasons to go with the se7921, though:

  • Wet or Dry Use – I use it in the shower primarily, but have used it in the car on a road trip
  • Close Grip Design– can grip it firmly with even wet hand, or with cream or lotion residue on your fingers
  • Pivoting Head – more thoroughly removes hair around the knee and in the bikini area
  • Ergonomic – you can easily reach all areas of the body that need to have hair removed
  • without straining your wrist
  • Smart Light – an intense beam of light makes finding every little patch of hair easier even if you are in a dim locker room
  • High Frequency Massage – stimulates the skin to make epilation easier and more gentle
  • High Density Brush – it has 10,000 super fine bristles that whisk away leaving you smooth and glowing (added benefit-cuts down on number of ingrown hairs)
  • Sonic Exfoliation Technology – this is a fancy term for the vibrating feature that helps exfoliate more thoroughly than a loofah or manual scrub
  • Safety Feature – the device will not work while charging, ensuring no one is foolish enough to mix water and electricity

Investing In the Braun Silk Epil 7921

If you are shaving your unwanted body hair, you are doing it a lot, like every day, for some. If you wax, then you are spending a lot of money and time to travel to get it done.  Waxing at home is messy and never as effective as a pro can do in a salon.

Using the Braun se7921 model to remove hair will give you smoother legs longer for less. Less time and less money, if you account for the cost of waxing or buying shaving supplies over a year’s time and shopping for such things. That’s not even figuring in transportation costs, tipping, or shipping fees.

Your time is worth something, too. Why not spend less than 20 minutes getting rid of hair with an epilator once a week (at the most-I get 10 days completely smooth) in the privacy of your own home with a device that does double duty?  The Silk-Epil 7 Skinspa removes the hair gently while it massages your skin. It thoroughly exfoliates to cut your risk of developing ingrown hairs and makes your skin feel smoother and softer, too.

With the Smart Light feature, you can use the Braun 7921 anywhere and get all the little hairs (as small as a grain of sand) in one or two passes.  Then simply wash it thoroughly and let it dry overnight before you recharge it again. There’s no rush to recharge because you will be hair-free for days and days.

Braun Silk Epil 7921 Reviews

I only found consistently good reviews for this model.  Even people who had some problems with it being really painful (it can be at first, but the more you epilate, the easier and more comfortable it becomes) kept using it because it does such a great job.  In fact, it consistently receives 4 to 4.5 stars from reviewers.

Some issues people had with this Braun epilator are true of any epilating device. If you don’t hold the skin taught under your arms it will pinch it. Don’t use it the first few times dry because that is more uncomfortable. Using it in a warm shower initially makes it easier to get used to the sensation of the hairs being plucked out by the roots. Over time the hair grows back slower and thinner making future epilation faster and easier.

Final Recommendation

This is the perfect hair remover for someone who wants to spend less time on personal grooming by combining hair removal with exfoliation. I use the brush on my heels and elbows to keep them soft too. It’s totally portable for travel and you can use it anywhere, not just in the shower.

I give my highest recommendation because of the ease of use, and great long-lasting results. The vibration as it removes hair feels good and lessens any discomfort. The densely bristled brush exfoliates really well, which is essential for avoiding excessive ingrown hairs. Now I have more time to spend at the pool, the beach doing whatever instead of constantly shaving or waxing.