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Phillips HP 6576 Satin Perfect Deluxe Epilator Review: How good is it really?

Philips HP6576 Satin Perfect Deluxe Epilator, White ChampagneI got the Phillips HP 6576 Satin Perfect Deluxe Epilator as a gift from my husband. I have to say I was pretty thrilled with how elegant and feminine it looked just out of the box.

I also thought it was a good sign that it came with a lot of attachments.

I eagerly dumped everything out on the bathroom counter and plugged it in so I could use it right away, excited to try epilating for the first time.

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Hair, Hair Go Away

Oh, holy night, did the first few passes at my legs leave me gritting my teeth trying not to howl in pain. I was unpleasantly surprised by how much it hurt when the dozens of little ceramic discs tore the hair off my legs by the roots. I have had my bikini line waxed, too, and thought that was as painful as it could get. Boy, was I wrong.


When I felt the strip of skin on my leg that I had used my new Phillips HP 6576 epilator it was as smooth as could be. I decided to finish the job. The massaging action is supposed to to make epilating less uncomfortable. Combined with the  the speed control it was tolerable.  The bikini line attachment made doing that area easier and I loved how smooth my legs felt when I finally finished.

I decided to try out the shaver head on my underarms. It worked great! Best shaver I have ever used.

Attachments In Order

While I was waiting for my new Philips HP6576 Satin Perfect Deluxe Epilator to become fully charged I had the opportunity to check out the rest of the accessories that had come with it. I love the illuminated tweezers. They are so great at getting really tiny fine eyebrow hairs and I shaped my brows beautifully with them. It might be the best thing about the Phillips HP 6576 epilator. The entire package consist of:

  • Satin Perfect Deluxe Epilator
  • Charger
  • Active hair lifter – to get even the hairs that are lying flat against your skin
  • Shaving head
  • Trimming comb
  • Illuminated smart tweezers
  • Massage system w/ pivoting cap – so you don’t strain your wrist shaving some of the hard to reach areas
  • Cleaning brush – the head comes off for easy cleaning and the little brush gets rid of tiny hairs trapped in between the ceramic discs
  • Storage pouch

satin perfect with accessories

The Good, The Bad, And The Unbelievably Long Instruction Sheet

If you are considering going the epilator route, the Phillips HP 6576 Satin Perfect is a good choice if you want all the attachments included, to be able to use it while it is charging and want a really great shave head. The very bright light on it helps you nab even the smallest hairs, even those you couldn’t have waxed yet.

The HP 6576 is NOT for you if you want to use it in the shower, your face or have a small budget. At over $100 it is a sizeable investment, but what do you spend on shaving products or waxing per year? You might be saving money over the long-term.

Speaking of your face, the product information online says it’s for face and body, but when you get the unit it says for use only from the neck down. What?

I don’t need to use it on my face, so this was not an issue for me, but it will be for men and girls with stray chin hairs.

The instruction sheet that came with my new Phillips epilator was ridiculously long and complicated to follow. I tossed it and just figured out how to get all the heads on (and off to wash) myself. If you have a degree from MIT you might find it useful.

The Hairy Truth

I wanted to read what other people thought about the device so I checked out the Phillips HP 6576 reviews to be forewarned about any problems that might crop up. Most people loved the device and gave it 4 or 5 stars. Those who complained that it hurt, well, duh, it’s yanking your hairs out, there is going to be some pain.

I am concerned that a few reviews claimed that the battery life is short, but since you can use it while it’s charging that’s not a deal breaker for me.

Philips HP6576 Satin Perfect Epilator, White GoldFollow Up

Fast forward two weeks and my legs are still relatively hair free. I have had to touch up a few spots where it grew back faster, but it was not as uncomfortable as the first time I used it.

I like the fact that it has a travel lock so you can’t accidentally turn it on when it’s banging around in your gym bag.

Overall, I have to recommend this epilator and think the only thing missing that I see on other models around the same price is an exfoliating brush (check out the Braun 7921 if that is dealbreaker for you). It’s really important to exfoliate when you epilate to avoid ingrown hairs. It does have all the other bells and whistles, though, and is very stylish.

All in all, the Philips HP 6576 is a great option for those who want a top-rated epilator.

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Emjoi Soft Caress Epilator Review: All the info you need before you buy

Emjoi Soft Caress Epilator - 36 Gold Plated Hypoallergenic Tweezers (Corded) reviewWhen I got the Emjoi Soft Caress Epilator in the mail I was immediately struck by how small it was.

Then I was worried that it might not have enough power to really do a good job. However, the Soft Caress came highly recommended and the price was right.

I was not sure I wanted to spend a fortune on an epilator in case it hurt too much to use or didn’t get the job done.

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This epilator from Emjoi comes with 36 gold plated hypoallergenic tweezers to yank out hair by the roots, without irritating your sensitive skin. If you have really sensitive skin, epilating is not for you, but if your skin just has an aversion to some medals this is a great unit to try.

The whole design of the Emjoi Soft Caress corded epilator is very nice. Mine is a lovely light blue with graceful lines to fit the contours of your legs and body with gold plated tweezers that give it an elegant look. It’s a very fancy-schmancy looking device and I hoped it would work as good as it looked.

Here is what you get with this epilator:

  • Massage fingers attachment
  • Adapter
  • Travel Pouch
  • Cleaning Pouch
  • Loofa
  • Instruction Booklet

The Ouch Factor

The Emjoi Soft Caress corded epilator is not my first one. I actually had one of the models from awhile ago with the coils. I worked pretty good, but was really painful on certain areas and did not work well on the thicker hair around my ankles and bikini line.

emjoi_soft_caress_ap-10_corded_epilatorI chose the Soft Caress because it was touted as the least painful epilator on the market. Reviews revealed quite a few comments from users that it was the least uncomfortable epilator they had ever used.

That information combined with the nice price (when compared to other makes and models), it seemed like a good fit for me.

I was really amazed at how little discomfort I felt when I fired up this little device. The massage fingers attachment really seemed to make a difference and I completely removed all the hair under my arms in about ten minutes with only a little bit of redness left behind.  I used the lowest speed and tried to keep the skin stretched as tightly as possible, which helps you avoid pinching yourself with the tweezers.

The same was true for the upper half of my leg. The hair there is pretty thin and not very long but the Emjoi’s gold plated tweezers were able to grip and pull them out. Next I moved down to  my lower legs where the hair is thickest around my ankles.

Hair Raising

This Emjoi epilator did a better job on my lower legs than my old model, but it still took a lot of passes on the highest speed to get the hair off and some of it stubbornly stayed put. The same was true for my bikini line, which was disappointing because I had hoped to avoid waxing or shaving that area ever again.

I did dare to try it on my face, and was pleased by the way it quickly got rid of the fuzzy sideburns I get that are more noticeable in the winter because my skin is so pale. The slight redness it left behind quickly faded.

Exfoliation Nation

It  is key to exfoliate regularly if you use an epilator because of the higher risk of getting ingrown hairs. The makers of the Emjoi Soft Caress thoughtfully provide a loofah with the unit to encourage scrubbing the areas you are going to exfoliate in the shower.

There are other more expensive model epilators (like the top-rated Braun 7921) that have an exfoliation brush head, which is probably pretty nice, but those are usually twice the cost. If you frequently develop ingrown hairs, stepping up to one of those models might help. Otherwise, just use a loofah regularly.

Still Recommend The Emjoi Satin Caress Epilator

I ultimately did ordered a more expensive model epilator that would work better on removing my thicker more coarse hairs. I passed the Emjoi Soft Caress to my neighbor’s teen daughter in exchange for some babysitting.

I liked it, but needed something a bit more sophisticated to really remove the hair from my bikini line and lower legs. I do give the Emjoi props for how long my underarms and thighs stayed smoothly hair free (almost 3 weeks).

I would still recommend the Emjoi Soft Caress Rechargeable Epilator just because it didn’t completely work for me. This unit is for someone with less thick, coarse hair, who has a budget and wants something easy to use that’s portable.

It was perfect for my neighbor’s teen daughter who has thanked me three times for giving it to her. The Emjoi Soft Caress is very wallet-friendly, easy and comfortable to use and keep clean, and really does a good job on underarm and thinner hair.

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My Panasonic ES-ED90-P Ladies Wet and Dry Epilator/Shaver Review

Panasonic ES-ED90-P Wet Dry Epilator and Shaver, with Six Attachments including Pedicure Buffer for Foot Care ReviewI have been a fan of waxing rather than shaving my legs and underarms for many years. I loved it when I could afford to get hair removed by a laser, but beyond the expense it is time consuming and not always convenient.

Then I discovered the Panasonic ES-ED90-P Ladies Wet & Dry Epilator and fell in love!


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Beginners Beware

I literally fell in love (we are married now) and moved to San Diego where the weather is nice all the time and my legs are bare most of the year. Shaving everyday got tiresome and having to suffer through days of stubble until it was long enough to get waxed was not cutting it either. I got a glowing recommendation for the Panasonic  ES-ED 90-P Ladies Wet And Dry Epilator and decided to give it a try.

If you are new to epilating this is the Panasonic epilator for you. Epilating is a lot like waxing as it pulls the hair off your legs, bikini area, underarms, where ever, by the root! It is more painful than waxing, so beginners beware, but the results are fantastic and last a lot longer.

The Panasonic Epilator ES-ED 90 comes with a lot of attachments. The very best one is the beginner cap because it eases you into this new hygiene process. I foolishly skipped it when I made the first pass up my leg with my Panasonic ED-90 and almost passed out from the pain. After some deep breathing I put the beginner cap on and it was a lot less painful. Now I always use the cap for the first round of epilating and then finish without out it.

Sweet For Feet

Another great reason I highly recommend the Panasonic ES-ED 90 epilator is that it comes with a great little attachment to exfoliate your feet! If you wear sandals all the time like I do now and want your feet to look good this is an excellent attachment. Just pop it on and go to town on calloused heels to keep them looking smooth.

There really are so many good things about the Panasonic ES-ED 90-P Ladies Wet Dry Epilator:

  • The Design – with a 60 degree angled head and 48 tweezers you can really clear a large area of hair pretty quickly
  • Hypoallergenic – the blades are made of nickel for those with sensitive skin
  • Attachments – this unit comes with everything you need to keep yourself hair free with a beginner cap (for pain sensitive types), regular epilation cap, foot care head, shaver head (for touch ups) and the bikini area cap
  • Wet/Dry – This is great feature because it is more comfortable for me to epilate in the shower  and I can take it with me anywhere without worrying about finding a socket to plug it in.

If you are a girlie-girl like me then you will appreciate that the Panasonic epilator ES-ED 90-P  comes in pink and white with a nifty pouch to keep it all together.

The only drawback for me is that it does not work very well on my underarms. I find it awkward to hold the skin tight enough to keep the tweezers from pinching me there. I think it’s my technique more than the epilator, though. I usually only manage to get half the hairs out and end up shaving the rest down.

I am quite happy with my epilator, but my friend was not. I checked the Panasonic ES-ED 90-P reviews after she called to complain and found that she was not alone. She has super thin, fine hair all over her legs (not like me) and the epilator just could not seem to get a grip on them. A few other users reported the same issue, so this model works best for the really hairy girls like me, I guess.

Overall you will probably be very happy with a Panasonic ES-ED 90-P Ladies Wet And Dry Epilator. I love the beginner cap and that I can use it in the shower to make it less uncomfortable. You will love the way the foot care head because of how it makes your heels look after a good scrubbing, too. The price is right, especially when you consider that it comes with so many attachments that you would have to order separately and pay extra for.

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My Braun 7181 Epilator Review

Braun Series 7-7181 Silk Epil Wet & Dry Epilator 1 Count ReviewIf you want smooth legs without shaving everyday then an epilator might be right for you. With so many to choose from you can quickly get overwhelmed trying to decide what brand to get and with what accessories. I can help.

Braun is one of those companies that has been around since the stone age and they offer a huge variety of products, which explains why every device has such a long name. They have been in business so long because they make high quality products that work. The Braun 7181 Epilator is one such product.

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The Budget Friendly Braun 7181 Silk Epil Wet and Dry Epilator

If you are new to epilation for personal grooming then here is some quick information to get you ready for a whole new personal grooming process. An epilator removes hair by pulling it out from the root. It’s a lot like waxing, but a whole lot less painful and more effective.

Versatile and Portable

The Braun 7181 Silk Epil Wet and Dry Epilator is the perfect first epilator because of it’s features, reliability and wallet-friendly price. This is a very basic model epilator from the Braun line but it gets the job done. The best feature on this particular model is that it can be used wet or dry. This type of versatility and portability make it easy to take with you and use anywhere. You are not tethered to a wall outlet.

Two Speeds

The other feature the Braun 7181 Silk Epil Wet Dry offers that makes it a best buy is the two speeds you can use it at. If you are new to using an epilator I highly recommend the low speed until you get used to the sensation. However, when you kick it into high speed, it might be a bit more uncomfortable at first (and loud, but don’t be alarmed, that is normal) but it removes hair really fast, even the super short ones, in record time.

There are a lot of great features with this epilator even though it is Braun’s base model without some of the more expensive bells and whistles other  have. With the Braun 7181 you get:

  • It can be used wet or dry – It’s handy to be able to take this into the shower with you because warm water helps lessen the discomfort of epilating when you are new to it and just makes it easier in general
  • 40 Close Grip Tweezers – the number of tweezers is proportional to how long it will take you to become hair free. 40 is ample to cover large areas of the legs and make the whole process go more quickly
  • Efficiency cap – this handy little design piece helps you get a good grip on even the shortest hairs because it helps you keep firm contact with your skin to grab even the shortest hairs
  • Smart Light – this ultra bright light helps you find and remove every little hair in any kind of light. It is especially helpful if you have light blonde hair which can be hard to see
  • Rechargeable/Cordless – This feature allows you to use it anywhere, even in the shower. It won’t work while it re-charging (a smart safety feature, electricity and water don’t mix) but charges to full power very quickly
  • 2 Speeds – This model lets you adjust the speed to fit your personal comfort level. Some more delicate areas of the body are best done on the lower speed
  • Massage – this makes the whole epilator experience more comfortable and helps the device get even the shortest hairs (as small as a grain of sand is what the company says)

Before you commit to any epilator it’s a good idea to read what other users are saying about it. I have found that the Braun 7181 reviews are consistently favorable. The chief complaints are that it is loud, that it’s not good for under your arms and that their customer service is bad.

Well, it is loud, but not deafening and you get used to it. There are attachments for the bikini area and underarms but you have to order them separately. Honestly, it is just a matter of getting used to using it on the more delicate areas and with the lower speed.

I have never had a problem with my Braun 7181 so have never used their customer service. I have read about other users ordering from, and I have always loved the service I got from them.

The final verdict

There are certainly other epilator models from Braun and other companies, but the 7181 Silk-Epil Epilator is a really good buy for the money and beats the constant hassle of shaving everyday or paying for waxes every week or so. Once you get used to using it and having smooth hair free legs and other places for up to two weeks at a time, you will wonder how you ever got by without one.

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My Braun 7921 Epilator Review

Braun Silk Epil Female Epilator Se7921spa 1 CountIn my quest for a smooth and hairless body I have tried every hair removal product and device under the sun. Some companies just make better products than others and Braun is one of them.

The Braun Silk Epil Female Epilator se7921 spa hair removal device is the latest and greatest way to get rid of body hair and leave you with glowing skin and more free time.

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If you are new to the term epilator, it just means removing the hair by plucking it out from the roots as opposed to shaving, which just cuts it off. Epilating is closer to waxing, but in my opinion, a lot less painful and the results last a lot longer.

Waxing is extremely painful to me. The home wax kits don’t do a good job on a lot of areas of the body and there is a lot more preparation and clean up involved.

Braun Silk Epil Female Epilator se 7921 Spa

Yes, the name is long, but the product makes “short” work of unwanted body hair.  It efficiently removes stubble from your underarms, bikini line and the entire leg.  I have read reviews from people who use it on their face, too.  I don’t, only because I have no need to.

One of the best features on Braun Silk Epil 7921 model is the firmness and density of the exfoliating brush. It is especially important to exfoliate when you use an epilator to remove hair because it lessens the risk of ingrown hairs. Plus it leaves you skin soft and almost glowing when you are done.

There are a lot of great reasons to go with the se7921, though:

  • Wet or Dry Use – I use it in the shower primarily, but have used it in the car on a road trip
  • Close Grip Design– can grip it firmly with even wet hand, or with cream or lotion residue on your fingers
  • Pivoting Head – more thoroughly removes hair around the knee and in the bikini area
  • Ergonomic – you can easily reach all areas of the body that need to have hair removed
  • without straining your wrist
  • Smart Light – an intense beam of light makes finding every little patch of hair easier even if you are in a dim locker room
  • High Frequency Massage – stimulates the skin to make epilation easier and more gentle
  • High Density Brush – it has 10,000 super fine bristles that whisk away dead skin cells leaving you smooth and glowing (added benefit-cuts down on number of ingrown hairs)
  • Sonic Exfoliation Technology – this is a fancy term for the vibrating feature that helps exfoliate more thoroughly than a loofah or manual scrub
  • Safety Feature – the device will not work while charging, ensuring no one is foolish enough to mix water and electricity

Investing In the Braun Silk Epil 7921

If you are shaving your unwanted body hair, you are doing it a lot, like everyday, for some. If you wax, then you are spending a lot of money and time to travel to get it done.  Waxing at home is messy and never as effective as a pro can do in a salon.

Using the Braun se7921 model to remove hair will give you smoother legs longer for less. Less time and less money, if you account for the cost of waxing or buying shaving supplies over a year’s time and shopping for such things. That’s not even figuring in transportation costs, tipping or shipping fees.

Your time is worth something, too. Why not spend less than 20 minutes getting rid of hair with an epilator once a week (at the most-I get 10 days completely smooth) in the privacy of your own home with a device that does double duty?  The Silk-Epil 7 Skinspa removes the hair gently while it massages your skin. It thoroughly exfoliates to cut your risk of developing ingrown hairs and makes your skin feel smoother and softer, too.

With the Smart Light feature you can use the Braun 7921 anywhere and get all the little hairs (as small as a grain of sand) in one or two passes.  Then simply wash it thoroughly and let it dry overnight before you recharge it again. There’s no rush to recharge because you will be hair free for days and days.

Braun Silk Epil 7921 Reviews

I only found consistently good reviews for this model.  Even people who had some problems with it being really painful (it can be at first, but the more you epilate, the easier and more comfortable it becomes) kept using it because it does such a great job.  In fact, it consistently receives 4 to 4.5 stars from reviewers.

Some issues people had with this Braun epilator are true of any epilating device. If you don’t hold the skin taught under your arms it will pinch it. Don’t use it the first few times dry because that is more uncomfortable. Using it in a warm shower initially makes it easier to get used to the sensation of the hairs being plucked out by the roots. Over time the hair grows back slower and thinner making future epilation faster and easier.

Final Recommendation

This is the perfect hair remover for someone who wants to spend less time on personal grooming by combining hair removal with exfoliation. I use the brush on me heels and elbows to keep them soft too. It’s totally portable for travel and you can use it anywhere, not just in the shower.

I give the Braun Silk Epil Female Epilator se7921spa my highest recommendation because of the ease of use, and great long lasting results. The vibration as it removes hair feels good and lessens any discomfort. The densely bristled brush exfoliates really well, which is essential for avoiding excessive ingrown hairs. Now I have more time to spend at the pool, the beach doing whatever instead of constantly shaving or waxing.

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My Braun 7681 Epilator Review: Is it worth the hype?

Braun Silk- Epil Xpressive Easy Start Body & Face Rechargeable Epilator SE7681If you’re like us, you’re tired of spending a lot of money on repeat visits to the beautician.

Whether you’re shaving, using a cream, or waxing, it can get exhausting just trying to stay on top of your appearance and getting rid of those annoying little hairs.

Today we will be discussing the Braun SE7681 Silk-epil Wet and Dry epilator.

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When we picked up the 7681 from Braun, we already knew about the kind of hype it was getting. Touted as “the most efficient wet & dry epilator” on the market, it can be used while having a bath or shower, or even afterwards.

To be honest, though, using it while hair is as soft as possible not only makes the process much easier, but also much less painful.

40 tiny close-up tweezers provide fantastic accuracy, meaning that hairs as fine as half a centimetre thick can still be removed from the root for up to 4 weeks.

The fact that it’s cordless is a very convenient touch, and the adjustable speed provides a much greater feeling of control and safety than some other epilators on the market. The High Frequency Massage feature and Pivoting Head also add to the comfort of using the Silk-epil 7 by making the plucking of hairs much easier, and by providing a flexible head that can pivot by up to 15 degrees.

braun silk epil 7681

The 7681 comes with all the necessary accessories

Included in the box is the Silk-epil 7681 itself, an optional shaver head, trimmer cap, sensitive-area cap (highly recommended!), facial cap, efficiency cap, pre-epilation wipes, and a storage pouch. Each accessory is definitely useful for its purpose, and we highly recommend you use each of them as advised by the instruction manual.

Our First Impressions of the Braun 7681

On removing the Braun from its packaging, the first thing we realised was how stupidly easy to use it is. We gave it a quick test run on our arms, and noticed right away that it was very intuitive to control and caused very little discomfort. Even the shorter hairs which we thought would be missed were completely gone.

Right away, we started discussing how much more beneficial the Braun 7681 epilator is when compared to waxing. It’s cheaper (both in terms of per session price and long-term investment), and it manages to remove the hairs that waxing just won’t pick up.

In terms of actual use, it can be a little painful when using it for an extended period of time. Follicles will go red, but after a short while they’ll fade away. You may also notice some dry skin, although to be honest this is nothing you can’t fix with some moisturiser.

Our Results

We found that after using the Silk-epil 7, you can realistically expect hair to be gone for a week. After that, you’ll start noticing that they’re growing back. However, thanks to the relatively pain-free process of using this epilator, it’s easy enough to quickly go over each area again before heading out for the evening.

While we were slightly dissappointed to see that our skin wasn’t as smooth as it would be when shaving, the hair is showing much slower signs of growth and they are much finer than before too.


While the Silk-epil 7 can seem like a fairly severe investment at $147, you can rest assured that you’re going to get your moneys-worth. If you consider that a bikini wax is going to cost anywhere from $30 – $100, and that you’ll need to get one every few months, it’s not hard to imagine that you’ll spend anywhere between $200 and $600 over the course of a year.

The 7681 costs significantly less and you can expect it to last much longer, too.

We really love that it can offer such an enjoyable and pain-free experience, especially considering that it’s so effective. If you’re going to use it around your bikini area, remember to lubricate the patch of hair first with some kind of petroleum-based oil.

If hair is too dry, it can be an extremely painful and — depending on the area concerned — concerning experience! We’d also like to quickly point out that you should avoid using tea tree oil directly after epilating, as the combination of recently plucked skin and tea tree vapors can result is some severe discomfort!

The 7681 is a definite recommendation from us. It’s a great product that makes the process of meaningful hair removal much easier, with less discomfort, awkwardness, and pain. It’s definitely not the cheapest model on the market, but the benefits you’ll experience compared to some of its competitors make it a genuine bargain. Don’t skimp on an epilator, buy a Braun Silk-epil 7681!

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My Philips HP6576 Satin Perfect Epilator Review

Every woman wishes she could find that one product that can not only get rid of body hair, but can keep the hair and coarseness away for weeks. There are so many products out there that claim to do just that, but most of them are just a waste of money.

I have some good news for you: the Philips HP6576 Satin Perfect Deluxe Epilator really is a great device for getting rid of unwanted facial and body hair for women!

It’s designed for the smoothest operation imaginable, so you won’t have to worry about rashes or irritation.

It works wirelessly for up to 40 minutes after a quick one-hour charge. The head is washable for maximum hygiene. You can simply detach it and place it under running water.

Let us take a look at some of the many benefits I’ve experienced by the Deluxe Epilator by Philips.

Efficient removal of every hair, including fine ones

With features such as the built-in Opti-light and pivoting technology, the finest hairs are revealed and eliminated. The performance cap is designed to pivot and contour against the skin. The ergonomic design enables the device to be kept at an ideal angle. A stretch bar lifts and prepares the hair for easy removal.

The removal process is made smooth and easy thanks to 32 textured ceramic discs, which grip the hair and prevent any strand from getting away or slipping through.

Skin stimulation and massaging

During the process, the Philips Epilator utilizes a massaging system to gently vibrate and stimulate the skin. The speed control technology maintains the ideal speed through the hair removal process, although it can be manually controlled as well. The hair-lifting technology also allows for flat-lying hairs to be removed.

The ability to both shave and trim

A razor and trimmer are both included to provide a smooth shaving and trimming experience. The tweezers are stylishly designed and come with the aforementioned LED light for illuminating the eyebrow area or any other part of the face or body so that you can see every last hair that needs to be removed.

The ability to safely remove hair in sensitive areas

In addition to the eyebrows, you can also remove hair in areas such as the upper lip, bikini area, back of knees, etc. The discs, which are hypoallergenic and made of textured ceramic, are designed to remove the hairs comfortably. You can finally get rid of annoying hairs in such places without any discomfort or pain!

Saving some $$$

There is no need to spend a bunch of money on regular wax jobs, since you can eliminate unwanted hairs on your face and body yourself. The process is simplified, and the results last for up to four weeks. You also won’t waste any more money on products or creams that don’t work as effectively as the Deluxe Epilator.

Ease of use and convenience

You don’t have to keep it in the bathroom. The cordless operation means that you can just toss the device in your gym bag or suitcase and take it with you wherever you go.

In short, the Philips HP6576 Satin Perfect Deluxe Epilator is a versatile device, with its hair lifter function, massage system, cleaning brush, trimming comb, and intuitive tweezers with lights. The charger, storage pouch, and cleaning brush are included.

My Epilady Legend 4 Rechargeable Epilator Review

Epilady Legend 4th Generation Rechargeable EpilatorThe best-selling Epilady 4th Generation is the faster, smoother epilator that removes even the shortest hair by the root.

Suitable for face and body and leaves skin smooth for up to 4 weeks.

Epilady is a well-established model of epilator for women and this latest model is another improvement, based on customer input, offering the following features and benefits:

Features of the Epilady Legend 4

  • Wide epilating head ensures fast and smooth epilating action
  • Faster, smoother epilator head
  • Improved electrical system
  • Improved gearing system
  • Dual-voltage power adaptor (110V – 240V) for easy use overseas
  • Fast motor offers 32,000 tweezes per minute

The Epilady Legend 4 comes complete with an adapter, Perfect Angle guide, storage pouch, cleaning brush, and instruction manual.

Benefits of the Epilady Legend 4

  • This product promises to remove even the shortest and finest hair by the root, leaving skin smooth for up to 4-6 weeks
  • Suitable for use on the arms, legs, underarms, bikini, and face
  • A firm and non-slip hold is ensured by the ergonomic design including rubber touch at gripping points.
  • It offers two operating speeds for your convenience and for different types of hair.
  • A Perfect Angle Guide is included to make sure you achieve the best epilation results right away.
  • Convenience of using corded or cordless.
  • Efficient: you can do more than 2 full epilations with one charge (60 minutes).
  • Epilady Legend reviewers say it is a great improvement from the earlier prototypes of Epilady, and say they are ‘silky smooth’ from head to toe.
  • Another Epilady reviewer recommends the product wholeheartedly, saying it works very well for coarse leg hairs.

Disadvantages of the Epilady Legend 4

  • Some reviewers indicated that hair removal was painful with Epilady Legend 4, but it is hard to tell if this would be the case with any epilator they used.
  • One reviewer remarked that after a few months this epilator did not hold a charge anymore.
  • Another reviewer said it was difficult to get the right angle when using the Epilady Legend in certain areas such as the bikini area.
  • It has been noted that this model of Epilady glides less smoothly over the skin than previous models.
  • Ingrown leg hairs were a problem for one reviewer, and another found that it was less effective for thick leg hairs, which was very painful.

This epilator has received a large number of top epilator reviews with a 5-star rating on Amazon. Surely this indicates that the Epilady Legend rechargeable epilator is a winner. There are only a few negative reviews, and these tend to relate to pain management, and there’s no denying that even the best epilator will not be completely pain-free, and people differ in their tolerance for discomfort. It is also an affordable epilator and is likely to be within your budget.

Emjoi Epilator Reviews: Helping you pick the right one

Let my Emjoi epilator reviews help you in picking the perfect fit

In this article we will look at 5 different models of Emjoi Epilators. Emjoi is a well-reviewed brand of face and body epilators and a leader in hair removal. Hopefully this discussion of the features, benefits and drawbacks of the different models will help you make a decision about which one to choose.

Comparison Table

individual reviews

Emjoi Optima Corded Epilator$$$$4.6
Emjoi AP-18R Emagine Dual Opposed 72 Tweezer Head Epilator, Violet$$$4
Emjoi Soft Caress Epilator - 36 Gold Plated Hypoallergenic Tweezers (Rechargeable)$$4
Emjoi Epi Slim Epilator - Battery Operated (Latest Edition)$4
Emjoi Divine Hair Remover, White/Pink$3.7

Emjoi Optima Corded Epilator

This epilator is designed to remove even the finest hair right from the root. It is a top end epilator in terms of budget considerations and offers long-lasting hair removal; hair is also finer when it grows back. There are very few negative reviews of this model of epilator.

View the technical specifications here

Features of the Emjoi Optima

  • Contoured design helps keep the skin taut so there is less pulling and discomfort
  • Double-active surface for hair removal that is twice as fast
  • Soft-touch grip – designed for ultimate comfort and control
  • Uses a revolutionary tweezer-disc system, with dual-opposed head
  • Dual-function shaver attachment for underarms and sensitive areas

Benefits of the Emjoi Optima

  • Double heads make it much faster.
  • Reviewers say hair removal effects last longer between sessions, whereas cheaper models need to be used more often and take longer.
  • Reviewers comment that stubble does not appear after epilating.
  • One reviewer says the Emjoi Optima is the right size.
  • The 40 tweezers and dual spinning heads, as well as curved sides, helps reduce pain and   reduce pinching of the skin.
  • Effective around the knees and bikini line
  • As it’s corded it’s more powerful than cordless models.
  • Easy to clean

Disadvantages of the Emjoi Optima

  • More expensive than other models
  • Reviews show that sometimes the speed button gets stuck
  • One reviewer said that the shaving attachment on this Emjoi Optima did not work

See Amazon pricing for the Emjoi Optima

Emjoi AP-18R Emagine Dual Opposed 72 Tweezer Head Epilator, Violet

This model of Emjoi face and body epilator offers the most tweezers on the market and promises to remove most of the hair the first time, which saves you time and possible skin irritation. Let’s see what the reviews say about how effective it is.

View the technical specifications here

Features of the Emjoi AP-18R

  • Suitable for use on face and body
  • Ergonomically designed
  • 72 tweezers
  • Patented glide technology – allows for less skin irritation
  • Dual speed control
  • Cordless and rechargeable
  • Design gently assists to stretch the skin and increase comfort, helping to prevent ingrown hairs
  • Removes hair as short as 0.5mm from the root.

Benefits of the Emjoi AP-18R

  • Convenient rechargeability – you can epilate wherever it’s comfortable for you, which may           not be within wire-length distance from the outlet.
  • Easier to hold than some other models
  • Opposing tweezer heads are more efficient for hair removal, especially if you are epilating a          large area.
  • Easy to clean
  • This model has a double head which enables it to grab more hairs out faster.
  • One reviewer commented that this model is less painful than other epilators.

Disadvantages of the Emjoi AP-18R

  • It is a higher priced model.
  • One epilator reviewer said that this model is very noisy when in use.
  • It has been reported that there is often the need to go over the area more than once to remove       all the hairs.
  • Unlike other models, an optional shaving head is not included.
  • The replacement epilating head is only available on the manufacturer’s website.
  • One reviewer said that this epilator is less effective at getting hold of the shortest hairs, as it         is advertised to do, possibly because the head is curved so the tweezers do not come in close            enough contact.
  • One reviewer said that this model doesn’t stay charged for very long

See Amazon pricing for the Emjoi AP-18R

Emjoi Soft Caress Epilator – 36 Gold Plated Hypoallergenic Tweezers (Rechargeable)

Much more affordable than the Emjoi AP-18R, this model offers a few extra features and is suitable for hair removal on lots of different body areas.

View the technical specifications here

Features of the Emjoi Soft Caress Epilator:

  • 24 four-karat gold plated Hypoallergenic tweezers and 36 patented tweezer-discs
  • Rechargeable, operates both with cord and cordless
  • Antimicrobial Protection against damaging bacteria
  • Promises to remove hair on the legs, bikini line and underarms, including hair as short as 0.5 mm
  • Contoured design which hugs your curves
  • Soft touch grip fits comfortably in your hand.
  • Extra features: massaging finger attachments, dual speed control and an adapter.

Benefits of the Emjoi Soft Caress Epilator:

  • Great for a first-time epilator
  • Reviews indicate that the pain reduction technology is very effective, helped by the vibrating edges and massaging finger.
  • Works well with shorter hairs.
  • Unlike some other models, one reviewer reports this epilator does not cut the hairs in half.
  • Some reviews indicate that ingrown hairs are not a problem as they can be with other models.

Disadvantages of the Emjoi Soft Caress Epilator:

  • Reviews indicate that this epilator can sometimes catch the skin which is painful.
  • Some reviews report that stubble rapidly reappears after using this epilator.
  • May be less effective with thicker hair, according to some reviewers
  • Facial breakouts have been reported following use on the face.

See Amazon pricing for the Emjoi Soft Caress

Emjoi Divine Hair Remover, White/Pink

This epilator is the budget conscious option and offers pain-minimising technology.

View the technical specifications here

Features of the Emjoi Divine

  • This product removes hair using 36 tweezer discs
  • Skin gets less irritated with the patented skin-glide technology which lifts up and removes            hair by gliding the tweezer discs over the skin
  • Flat and short hairs are guided into the hair-removal disc using patented hair guide channels.
  • Pain minimised through massaging finger function
  • Pulling and discomfort are minimised by the contoured design which helps keep the skin taut
  • Hair removal to last up to 6 weeks
  • Promises to remove hair as short as 0.5mm from the upper lip, chin, legs, bikini line and     underarms
  • Portable because it is battery operated
  • Ergonomically designed handle for easy holding and use
  • Dual speed control

Benefits of the Emjoi Divine

  • Cost efficiency – a great way to try out epilating for the first time without taking a big risk
  • Able to use it anywhere without being restricted by cord length
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be used plugged in to save on battery
  • Unlike some epilators, reviewers say this one doesn’t grab the skin and tear it, due to the   well rounded shape of the metal tweezer’s pieces.
  • Effective at truly pulling hair from the root
  • Sturdy unit, not breaking easily when dropped

Disadvantages of the Emjoi Divine

  • The rounded shape of the head can make hair removal in certain places more difficult – e.g. around the knees.
  • This epilator tends to drain batteries quite quickly.
    One review says that when epilating regrowth this model doesn’t catch every single hair with a single pass.

See Amazon pricing for the Emjoi Divine

Emjoi Epi Slim Epilator – Battery Operated (Latest Edition)

This model is very affordable and offers a more powerful motor for better and less painful hair removal.

View the technical specifications here

Features of the Emjoi Epi Slim

  • Removes hair from even the most delicate areas such as upper lip, chin, bikini line and       underarms.
  • Works well for touch-ups on the legs
  • 9 tweezers removes hair from the root.
  • Portable

Benefits of the Emjoi Epi Slim

  • Reviewers say it’s very efffective for removing facial hair, and works much better than other         methods of facial hair removal.
  • A good size, and easy to hold
  • Easy to clean
  • Not very painful when used on the face

Disadvantages of the Emjoi Epi Slim

  • Some reviewers say that you need to go over and over the same area to remove hair
  • Reviewers with sensitive skin had some unfavourable skin reactions to the product

See Amazon pricing for the Emjoi Epi Slim


In this article I have covered the 5 most popular epilators in the Emjoi range. I hope this has given you a better idea of which epilator is the right one for you.

If you are looking for a budget friendly option, my recommendation would be the Emjoi Divine. At the price it sells for, you can’t go wrong. This is the ideal model for the first time epilator buer.

On the other hand, if you are looking for the absolute best Emjoi epilator, I would have to recommend that you go with the Emjoi Optima. As the name suggests, it is the top of the line epilator, and will not disappoint.

The complete Tria Hair Removal Laser 4x Review

Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4XThe Tria 4x Hair Removal Laser offers affordable, convenient professional laser hair removal from the comfort of your home.

The manufacturer promises that you can see results from as little as two treatments and may be able to stop shaving or waxing in as little as 3 months.

I know covering laser hair removal is straying a little from the epilator focus of the site, but I just felt that this is such a good option for at home hair removal, that I had to review it.

In a hurry?
==>> Read all consumer reports here

The dermatologist recommended Tria 4X is the first and only FDA-cleared laser available for home use and is suitable for use on both face and body. This review will discuss the benefits and disadvantages of this method of laser hair removal to help you make a more informed decision. Let’s see what my Tria Hair Removal Laser 4x Review reveals about this product.

Features of Tria 4X

  • Optimised for permanent results, as opposed to lower energy-emitting devices, such as some IPL devices, which are optimized for temporary results.
  • One-of-a-kind performance with the Pulse Counter –  offers 90 000 pulses
  • Professional-level diode lasers, which disable the hair follicle without damaging the surrounding skin
  • 5 Comfort Settings and Digital display for guidance
  • Built in skin sensor – makes unit easier to use on large areas and more convenient
  • Uses the same diode laser technology preferred by dermatologists – safe and effective
  • Sleek, hand-held design and slim handle – so treatment is simple and easy
  • Angled tip increases visibility to deliver laser light to the exact treatment area

What Clinical Studies Show

  • Up to 70% reduction after just 2 treatments
  • 73% reduction in hair count at 1 month after the eighth and last treatment on high setting,  and hair that had regrown was less noticeable, finer, and lighter
  • Of the 13 test subjects, 100% reported satisfaction with the results
  • Results were maintained 1 year post-treatment

Benefits of Tria 4X

  • Reviews of the Tria 4X report the same results that have been achieved from the bigger laser hair removal med-spa machines, and it is many times more cost effective. If used correctly, and with repeated treatments, the Tria 4X saves time and money.
  • You can use it anywhere and whenever you want, and do not need to worry about the hygiene aspects of using machines at medical spa’s and doctor’s surgeries.
  • Allows you to avoid the skin irritation that can be caused by other hair removal methods.
  • Effective for coarse, dark hair that grows quickly and leads to many ingrown hairs.
  • Reviews show that customers with PCOS, which causes excessive body hair, have had excellent results.
  • Unlike a dermatologist visit, you are in control of the level of the level of pain (1-5 from weakest to strongest level), as well as how often and where.
  • Most reviewers of the Tria 4X report no redness after treatment.
  • While there is no avoiding the fact that laser hair removal is painful, reviews show that with the Tria 4X it is easy to adjust to after one or two treatments and worth it to not have to shave again. The smaller treatment head also decreases the pain – as less hairs getting zapped means less pain.
  • Some reviews report that with every consecutive treatment, the hair gets finer and that in some areas no hair grows back at all.
  • Reviewers report smooth, soft faces after treatment. Note: The FDA has not approved use of Tria 4X on the face.

Improvements from previous Tria models

  • The Tria 4X is a lighter weight than previous models
  • The shape of the treatment head is more streamlined and makes it easier to see exactly where you are treating
  • The rechargeable battery lasts longer

Disadvantages of the Tria 4X

  • The Tria 4X has a small laser head, or ‘treatment spot’, and some reviews have indicated that it is time-consuming to do larger areas like a leg.
  • You need to keep the lens clean, particularly if using the cooling gel which builds up on the surface of the lens.
  • Reviews indicate that the Tria 4X doesn’t work as well on lighter hair and may not work at all on gray, white, blond, red or light brown hair. It has been found that for those with medium brown hair, it may work on some of the darker/coarser hairs, but not on the thinner/ lighter ones. This contradicts the Tria claims on their website.
  • It has also been noted that it can be more painful to use and less effective if you have pale skin, due to the melanin in the skin absorbing the laser energy away from the dark hair. However, other pale-skinned dark-haired reviewers have had no problem with it.
  • Some reviewers report less effectiveness on facial hair.
  • Tria advise multiple treatments for it to work most effectively. However, they give only 3 months to send the product back.

It’s important to note that hormones and genetics cause brand new hair follicles to naturally keep forming, and so this is why continued treatment is needed even when using laser hair removal. I hope this article has helped you to make your decision about what kind of hair removal system to choose.

==>> See Amazon pricing for the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4x

If the Tria isn’t exactly your cup of tea, you might be looking for an epilator review