Epilating vs Waxing vs Shaving

Epilating vs Waxing vs Shaving – Which is the right option for you

I’m constantly receiving emails from Epilator Buzz readers who just want to know, “Which hair removal method is best?” and “What are the benefits of using an epilator vs waxing? What about an epilator vs shaving?”

Of course, it’s always going to be difficult to call a clear winner.

For each situation you find yourself in, a different method may be more suitable. Let’s take a look at each of the three and talk about what they’re good at and what they’re not so good at.

Epilating – What can it do for you?

Epilating has always been known for its convenience. Being able to use an electronic device that delivers the same smooth skin you’d expect from waxing is extremely useful. If you’ve used one before, you know just how convenient they are.

It’s sore, sure – but if you can stand the pain, you’ll be able to enjoy that gorgeous smooth skin for up to 4 weeks afterward. It’s also extremely beneficial for those with more because an epilator will only grab the hair and never the skin directly.

You’ll also find that hair grows back much softer and finer than ever before with epilating. As you’re removing hair from the root, the tips of hairs will also be much narrower than those cut with a razor.

In terms of pain management, you can reduce the discomfort of pulling hairs using something like the Braun Silk-Epil 7, which comes with a wet usage system that is much easier on the skin. Similarly, Braun and Emjoi are 2 brands well-known for creating excellent epilators.

Another difference between waxing and epilating is that waxing can sometimes cause flat hairs to be pressed against the skin, making their removal more difficult. Certain epilators come with the ability to gently lift and remove hair, and they can remove much shorter hairs than waxing can, too.

While they may require a larger initial investment, you’ll soon find that epilating pays for itself. Without the disposables and replacements that come with shaving and waxing, once you buy an epilator you can rest assured that you won’t have to spend any money on it for a good while to come.

Shaving – An easier route?

While shaving is generally considered to be a less painful process than epilating, hairs can grow back much quicker. Likewise, shaved hair is more likely to return thicker, darker, and ultimately more visible.

If you’re going to get rid of hair, the last thing you want is the problem coming back even worse than before!

Many women continue to shave without realizing this, and no matter what you’ll still have to shave every day if you want to keep your legs nice and smooth.

Likewise, a cheap razor can cause damage to your skin and make it easier to cut yourself. Even with a good multi-blade razor, you’ll still need to replace them frequently. While at first, they may appear to be cheaper to run, you’ll quickly find the costs mounting up with each replacement pack you purchase. Overall, shaving is good for emergencies but probably not the best long-term solution!

Waxing – Worth the pain?

As soon we start talking about waxing, the first thing that’s going to come into your head is the pain involved with it. It’s not without its other downsides, either; it’s extremely expensive, done at the beautician’s pace rather than your own, and — depending on their skill level — often isn’t even as effective as one might think, leaving patches of hair that should be gone!

You might choose to go the home waxing kit route. While this is obviously cheaper than going to a beauty clinic to have the work done, it can also be awkwarddifficult, and messy. The wax has to be applied with care and consistency for all hairs to be removed, and this is the most difficult part with using DIY kits.

Hot wax anyone?

One upside of waxing is that it can sometimes be easier to have your first hair removal done with wax rather than epilation. This is because the first set of hairs are often tough and well-rooted, meaning that they’re harder to pull out. Waxing is a good solution for the first hairs, but after that, it’s going to be much easier to epilate.

Epilating vs waxing vs shaving: Which is the right option for you?

When choosing between these three methods, consider not just the immediate costs involved, but also subsequent purchases you’ll have to make (repeat appointments, replacement parts, etc.).

We hope that you found this article enjoyable, and don’t forget to check the recent posts section on the right for more great articles from us!