My Panasonic ES-ED90-P Ladies Wet and Dry Epilator/Shaver Review

I have been a fan of waxing rather than shaving my legs and underarms for many years. I loved it when I could afford to get hair removed by a laser, but beyond the expense, it is time-consuming and not always convenient.

Then I discovered the Panasonic ES-ED90-P Ladies Wet & Dry Epilator and fell in love!

Beginners Beware

I literally fell in love (we are married now) and moved to San Diego where the weather is nice all the time and my legs are bare most of the year. Shaving every day got tiresome and having to suffer through days of stubble until it was long enough to get waxed was not cutting it either. I got a glowing recommendation for the Panasonic  ES-ED 90-P Ladies Wet And Dry Epilator and decided to give it a try.

If you are new to epilating this is the Panasonic epilator for you. Epilating is a lot like waxing as it pulls the hair off your legs, bikini area, underarms, where ever, by the root! It is more painful than waxing, so beginners beware, but the results are fantastic and last a lot longer.

The Panasonic Epilator ES-ED 90 comes with a lot of attachments. The very best one is the beginner cap because it eases you into this new hygiene process. I foolishly skipped it when I made the first pass up my leg with my Panasonic ED-90 and almost passed out from the pain. After some deep breathing, I put the beginner cap on and it was a lot less painful. Now I always use the cap for the first round of epilating and then finish without out it.

Sweet For Feet

Another great reason I highly recommend the Panasonic ES-ED 90 epilator is that it comes with a great little attachment to exfoliate your feet! If you wear sandals all the time like I do now and want your feet to look good this is an excellent attachment. Just pop it on and go to town on calloused heels to keep them looking smooth.

There really are so many good things about the Panasonic ES-ED 90-P Ladies Wet Dry Epilator:

  • The Design – with a 60 degree angled head and 48 tweezers you can really clear a large area of hair pretty quickly
  • Hypoallergenic – the blades are made of nickel for those with sensitive skin
  • Attachments – this unit comes with everything you need to keep yourself hair free with a beginner cap (for pain sensitive types), regular epilation cap, foot care head, shaver head (for touch ups) and the bikini area cap
  • Wet/Dry – This is great feature because it is more comfortable for me to epilate in the shower  and I can take it with me anywhere without worrying about finding a socket to plug it in.

If you are a girlie-girl like me then you will appreciate that the Panasonic epilator ES-ED 90-P  comes in pink and white with a nifty pouch to keep it all together.

The only drawback for me is that it does not work very well on my underarms. I find it awkward to hold the skin tight enough to keep the tweezers from pinching me there. I think it’s my technique more than the epilator, though. I usually only manage to get half the hairs out and end up shaving the rest down.

I am quite happy with my epilator, but my friend was not. I checked the Panasonic ES-ED 90-P reviews after she called to complain and found that she was not alone. She has super thin, fine hair all over her legs (not like me) and the epilator just could not seem to get a grip on them. A few other users reported the same issue, so this model works best for really hairy girls like me, I guess.

Overall you will probably be very happy with a Panasonic ES-ED 90-P Ladies Wet And Dry Epilator. I love the beginner cap and that I can use it in the shower to make it less uncomfortable. You will love the way the foot care head because of how it makes your heels look after a good scrubbing, too. The price is right, especially when you consider that it comes with so many attachments that you would have to order separately and pay extra for it.